At Jittlada Group serving up good food on a plate is a way of life.  Be it a classy affair, casual dining or a family gathering, every encounter is bespoke and honed to meet the occasion.  Thai or Japanese, the Jittlada Group experience is sought-after, accessible to all and the choice is yours.  For a premium endeavor, look no further than Chandara, Busaba,  So Thai, NAM, Orasa’s and Kinka, but if it's a time honored tradition with family then Jittlada & Shori, and Thai I Love You for a casual dining restaurant, makes up for a joyous celebration.

So Thai

Food. Drink. Chill

So Thai is a casual representation of Chandara that brings some genuine fun & a little revitalizing enjoyment in a meal. Experience a tasty & social prelude as you step into a modern Art Deco world with a beautiful outdoor patio & bar adorned with unique trinkets true to its culture. Settle in, stay a while and enjoy crafted cocktails, an exquisite collection of wine, and the most delicious choices of food with robust flavors that ensure every occasion, however spontaneous, is a special one.


Goong Pha

Hot and sour grilled shrimps with lemongrass.

Gang Pet Phed Yang

Roast duck red curry with coconut cream, sweet basil leaves and fresh fruits in season.

Kaduk Neua Yang

Grilled ribs with chef specialty sauce.

Thai Sukiyaki Noodles

Suki style seafood with homemade flat noodles.

Fak Thong Sangkaya

Thai custard with pumpkin.



So Thai

Plaza Indonesia

1st Floor, Unit 102-103
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta Pusat 10350
Phone: +6221 2992 1935