At Jittlada Group serving up good food on a plate is a way of life.  Be it a classy affair, casual dining or a family gathering, every encounter is bespoke and honed to meet the occasion.  Thai or Japanese, the Jittlada Group experience is sought-after, accessible to all and the choice is yours.  For a premium endeavor, look no further than Chandara, Busaba,  So Thai, NAM, Orasa’s and Kinka, but if it's a time honored tradition with family then Jittlada & Shori, and Thai I Love You for a casual dining restaurant, makes up for a joyous celebration.

NAM Cafe 9

Casual street food

NAM Cafe 9 is a brilliant Thai cafe influenced by NAM Thai Kitchen & Bar but recreated with the energy and excitement of Bangkok’s hawker stands. This melting pot of Thai comfort food brims with flavor from its spice-driven menu to the frenetic buzz of its colorful dining room. For a whimsical & memorable dining experience, look no further than NAM Cafe 9 for it surely promises to feed you like family.


Yum Pak Boong Krob

Crispy fried morning glory and prawn with chili sauce dip.

Ayuttaya Moo Thai Boat Noodles

Combination of pork meat, kwetiau cooked with pork broth, garlic oil and pork blood.

Suea Rong Hai

Grilled Australian sirloin beef seasoned with spicy Thai herbs, served with sweet and sour sauce.


Kanang Moo Grob

Stir-fried baby cabbage with pork.


Sweet corn, young coconut, jackfruit, water chesnut and arenga palm fruit with coconut milk.



NAM Cafe


1st Floor, Unit 99-100
Jl. Puri Indah Raya Blok U1, Puri Indah CBD, Jakarta 11610
Phone: +6221 2258 2898

NAM Cafe

Mall of Indonesia (MoI)

GF Floor, Unit G-C11
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara 14240
Phone: +6221 2452 4739

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