At Jittlada Group serving up good food on a plate is a way of life.  Be it a classy affair, casual dining or a family gathering, every encounter is bespoke and honed to meet the occasion.  Thai or Japanese, the Jittlada Group experience is sought-after, accessible to all and the choice is yours.  For a premium endeavor, look no further than Chandara, Busaba,  So Thai, NAM, Orasa’s and Kinka, but if it's a time honored tradition with family then Jittlada & Shori, and Thai I Love You for a casual dining restaurant, makes up for a joyous celebration.


KINKA is a “gold coin” in Japan and represents our passion and commitment to the culture and execution of our product with detailed precision. We welcome our guest to an incredible and fulfilling experience showcasing the unique flavors of modern Japanese influenced cuisine. With a menu inspired by the finest produce from Japan’s idyllic nation, all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced fresh and we utilize only the highest quality products.


Honetzuki Karubi Nitzuke

Marinated beef ribs, boiled to perfection.

Black Cod Saikyo Zuke

Grilled marinated black cod with miso sauce.

Lobster Cheese Yaki

Grilled lobster with mozarella cheese topped with san soku tobiko.

Wagyu A5 Sumiyaki Steak

Grilled wagyu A5 with salt and wasabi.

Wagyu A5 Charcoal

Charcoal grilled wagyu A5 (do it yourself) marinated in steak sauce and dipped in omega egg yolk.




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