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About Us


In 1998, Jittlada was established in Indonesia as a humble 50 seats Thai restaurant and was met with immediate success. In response, Jittlada expanded its seating capacity to host 175 guests, or 450 people for standing parties.

In 2004, Jittlada started branching out to malls. The first mall Jittlada was opened in Pondok Indah Mall 2 and instantly famous.

In 2008, White Elephant, a restaurant which focuses on contemporary Thai cuisine, joined the Jittlada Group. As of now, it currently has 4 branches.

In 2010, Chandara fine Thai cuisine was opened in Plaza Senayan, which is our flagship store.

As of 2014, our 16th anniversary; all of the 11 restaurants are successfully operating in prime locations, such as leading shopping complexes and malls. Each restaurant does its best to cater to the different local lifestyles.


Exceptional services can only be delivered by exceptional people.

Jittlada is committed to continuously developing our people's skills as each staff significantly matter to our sustainable growth. In pursuit of total customer satisfaction, our workforce strategy is based largely on careful staff recruitment, as well as, skill trainings that enhance teamwork and each individual skills. Other focuses include staff welfare and constructive activities to make sure the staff are happy working with us and giving them a sense of value and belonging.

Jittlada currently employs over 400 staff including HR, accounting, marketing, food and beverage, purchasing,operations, service and culinary professionals.


The chefs, all of whom were raised and trained in Thailand, are hired for their vocational abilities and innate creativity. It is the objective of every chef to maintain the Thai culinary traditions, preparations and presentations in their restaurant.