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An Unforgettable Izakaya at Kinka

Kinka, which translates as golden coin, is the latest addition to Jittlada culinary group, and only the second to present Japanese cuisine instead of Thai, the group’s specialty for almost 25 years. Offering a higher end treatment, Kinka offers unrivalled commitment to the culture, constructing a menu with responsibly sourced ingredients and utilising only the highest quality products with detailed precision.

Keeping up with the izakaya concept, most of the dishes are large enough for a single sitting, or try a little bit of everything from the fantastically diverse menu when you come in a small group. Grilled seafood and meat are sliced and range from unagi kabayaki to beef tongue hobayaki. Indulge in the classics, such as beef yakiniku or chicken katsu, the delicate lobster karaage, or a pot of nabe for warm conversations. Lastly, Kinka’s sushi and sashimi is simply impeccable. Using the best fresh fish and toppings, the bar can serve you all-time classics or in-house creations that are hard to resist. For reservation contact 

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

Kinka Sushi Bar Izakaya

Plaza Senayan

Jalan Asia Afrika

Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

T: (+62) 215725322

E: marketing@jittlada.com

W: jittlada.com